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In the Media

Business Wire - Sandata Technologies, Inc. Adds TeleTimecard, Inc to its Service Offering
Sandata Technologies, Inc., a leading IT services provider to the home health care and social services community, today announced it has acquired certain assets from TeleTimecard™ LLC, headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota. TeleTimecard is an Application Service Provider (ASP) of telephonic time and attendance solutions to track offsite workers and has been a long-standing licensee under Sandata’s patents. The TeleTimecard system will operate through a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sandata Technologies, which will continue to support TeleTimecard's customers.   more

Entrepreneur Magazine - Resources to Grow Your Business
Since telecommuting has exploded, it may have you concerned about whether the timecards you're getting from your telecommuters are accurate. TeleTimecard offers a solution with no hardware or software required. Employees use a touch-tone phone to clock in and out and report expenses, mileage or special hours. You can verify employee location, print reports, and track attendance in real-time. Pricing starts at $75 per month.  more CASTing Technology for Older People, Caregivers
At a time when every seven seconds another baby boomer turns 50 in the US, more attention is being paid to creating new innovations for bringing technology into caregiving in as many ways as possible. This is due to the fact that current studies on caregivers project their numbers will drop as fewer people enter the long-term care field and budgets continue to shrink.  more TeleTimecard Roll Calls Telecommuters announced the launch of a new service that allows companies to track the time and attendance of their remote or mobile workforce. Using a touch-tone telephone (standard or mobile), employees will be able to check-in and out from a client's location, report special hours, mileage, expenses, or special activity codes. Companies will also have the capability to broadcast special messages to employees when they call in.  more TeleTimecard Announces New Time and Attendance Solution
With TeleTimecard, companies can monitor and record employee attendance in real-time via the Web. They can provide documented evidence of employee time and attendance via Caller ID tracking. More importantly, companies can eliminate paper timecards and the staff time required for manual data entry. TeleTimecard has signed up clients in the non-medical, senior care and home health industries and is targeting their solution to a variety of other industries including field service/repair, janitorial/cleaning services, security services, transporation companies as well as the government/public sector.  more

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