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ROCHESTER, Minn - TeleTimecard, Inc announced the launch of a new service that allows companies to track the time and attendance of their remote or mobile workforce. Using a touch-tone telephone (standard or cellular), employees can easily check-in and check-out from a client's location even report special hours, mileage, expenses, or special activity codes. Companies also have the capability to broadcast special messages to employees when they call in.

Setup and administration of TeleTimecard can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes. After registering, companies simply create new employee and client lists. Then, using the TeleTimecard Setup Wizard, companies determine how complex their dynamic phone scripts will be. Employees can begin using TeleTimecard immediately. All controls and real-time reporting are accessible through an intuitive web-based interface.

With TeleTimecard, companies can monitor and record employee attendance in real-time via the Web. They can provide documented evidence of employee time and attendance via Caller ID tracking. More importantly, companies can eliminate paper timecards and the staff time required for manual data entry.

TeleTimecard has signed up clients in the non-medical, senior care and home health industries and is targeting their solution to a variety of other industries including field service/repair, janitorial/cleaning services, security services, transporation companies as well as the government/public sector.

TeleTimecard is offering the solution at a fixed monthly fee plus per minute charges.

For more information and a full demonstration of their capabilities, visit

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